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Fire Safety

Protecting People

Fire safety consulting covers a wide range of areas, but principally it is used to cover areas of fire safety design which affect people, including; means of escape, travel distances, fire compartmentation & separation, materials of construction and their contribution to fire development, escape lighting, fire detection and fire alarms, fire and rescue service considerations and fire protection systems.

RUSHBROOK can provide technical advice and support through the design and consultation process, from initial concept through to verification once the project is completed.

We can provide full specifications, designs, or simply advice with recomemndations, depending on what is required by the client. We have experience of negotiating with Building Control to resolve concerns over non-standard designs or where a relaxation may be required.

Where a fire risk assessment is required either before, during or after a project, RUSHBROOK are registered under the BAFE scheme SP205-1 and can produce a high quality life safety fire risk assessment, to assist the client in meeting their duties under legislation, whether during construction, normal operations, or demolition.

Where fire detection and fire alarms are required as part of the projects, RUSHBROOK are registered under the BAFE scheme SP203-1 and can produce an independent design for your fire detection and alarm system, allowing you to seek competitive quotations from installers. We can then manage the project, verify the installation meets the original design and issue a BAFE cerificate of Compliance.

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What are the benefits

Fire safety engineering allows the development of fire strategies to protect people, property and business operations in complex modern building designs which were not envisaged when the applicable codes and standards were written.
In particular, fire safety consulting at this level, allows architects to innovate while the fire safety engineer enables the design to provide a satisfactory level of safety and protection.

Will Fire Safety Consulting Ensure Approval?

No-one can ensure that your design will be approved, but we can work with you and the authorities to resolve areas of discussion and disagreement, increasing the likelihood of approval by applying sound science and practical, pragmatic fire safety engineering solutions.

What is a Chartered Fire Engineer

>A Chartered Engineer is registered as a professional engineer through their chosen institution, one that is registered with the Engineering Council. the title "Chartered Engineer" is recognistion of an engineer's experience, education, and recognition their status as someone who can innovate, often contributes to the development of new technologies and develop new analytical techniques. A Chartered Engineer can also successfully apply the knowledge to deliver innovative services and take technical responsibility for complex engineering systems.
The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) is the established institution for fire engineers in the UK. RUSHBROOK Managing Director Al Brown, was actively involved in the development of the fire engineering profession, through his role on the Board of the Institute of Fire Safety and the Enginering Council Division of the IFE which led to the creation of the first Chartered Fire Engineers. He has been a Chartered Engineer since 1995 and a Chartered Fire Engineer since 2002.

When should the Fire Engineer be involved

To maximise the benefits the Fire Engineer should be involved with the clients team from the design concept. This can help to identify obstacles to approval by building control, or costs that can be avoided by changes to the design while they are still concepts. We recomemnd that a Fire Engineer should be involved through to completion, to provide verification that the installation has accurately reflected the fire safety design intent.

I need a Fire Engineering Report, what should it cover?

Whatever you need it to cover!, However, care should the taken that the report is not too narrow that it fails to adequately reflect the overall impact on fire risk, or life safety, or that it is not too broad that it ends up covering more than is necessary. Consultants at RUSHBROOK will be happy to advise on the best approach for your project or problem, and can discuss examples of our previous work to demonstrate how we have approached similar problems.

Can you Verify an Existing Installation?

Yes, we are often called in to review existing construction and protection systems to provide our opinion on how they will perform to protect life, property and operations.