RUSHBROOK - BAFE SP203-1 Registered Fire Detection Designers

Fire Detection

Design & Verification

At RUSHBROOK we identified that many of our fire risk assessment clients are having problems with their fire detection and alarm installations, mainly due to lack of control over the specification, design and verification process.

Many clients simply approach their installer when they need changes to their detection and alarm system, however, this often means that the system is "installed", but not actually "designed" to the British Standard. In one case we found that necessary certificates for design, installation and comissioning were not being issued as record of the installation process, and in addition to frequent faults on the installation caused by sub-standard electrical installation, we also identified missing detectors and excessive numbers of call points. Using a BAFE SP203-1 registered company such as RUSHRBOOK, provides assurance of competence and reliability.

Each year 150,000 false alarms are received by the fire service caused by fire alarm equipment, causing unnecessary disruption to business and the fire and rescue services. Frequent false alarms can result in additional costs and the fire service may refuse to respond to alamrs which are issued by your detection system.

RUSHBROOK are registered under the BAFE scheme SP203-1 and can produce an independent design for your fire detection and alarm system, allowing you to seek competitive quotations from installers. We can then manage the project, verify the installation meets the original design and issue a BAFE cerificate of Compliance.


Do I Need A Fire Alarm System?

An automatic system with fire detection and manual call points is not always required, but often a basic system with smoke detectors protecting escape routes, manual call points at the exits and bells or sounders to alert occupants many be appropriate.

What Alarm Category Do I Need?

The fire alarm category should be based on a fire risk assessment. RUSHBROOK are registered under BAFE SP205-1 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment and can recommend the category of fire detection and alarm system best suited to your premises to protect life and or/property.

Do I need Smoke Detectors Everywhere?

Unless you are a carehome, a hospital or similar, then probably not. Most industry and commercial premises require detection in specific areas to protect people or property. RUSHBROOK can design a system to meet the needs of the fire risks that are present in your premises.

Why Independent Design?

We do not sell or install equipment and so our advice and system designs are solely based on your needs, the fire risks in your premises. Our competence has been independently assessed under BAFE scheme SP203-1 and we can issue a Deisgn Certificate for our work and BAFE Certificate of Compliance.

What is BAFE SP203-1?

This is a scheme which certifies fire detection and alarm companies and checks the competence of their designers assessors and quality of the management systems. The same scheme is used to assess installers and commissioning engineers.

Can you Verify an existing installation?

Yes, RUSHBROOK can review existing installations, and installations installed to our own designs and issue a BS 5839-1 Verification Certificate and BAFE Certificate of Compliance as apropriate. This service and the resulting certificates act as your confirmation of the quality and reliability of the systems and can be used to satisfy insurers and authorities that the system has been installed correctly.