Fire Safety Engineering Services

Fire Risk Assessment

RUSHBROOK are a BAFE SP205 registered fire risk assessment company, demonstrating our capability and competence in the field of life safety fire risk assessment.

Fire Detection & Alarm Design

RUSHBROOK's capability in the design and verification of fire detection and fire alarm design systems has been recognised through our certifcation under the BAFE scheme SP203-1.

Fire Safety Consulting

RUSHBROOK apply our expertise in fire safety consulting to industrial, commercial and domestic projects. Providing advice to clients, architects and other construction professionals.

Specialist Services

DSEAR - ATEX Evaluation

European Atex Directives and the associated DSEA Regulations in the UK require an evaluation and risk assessment where potentially flammable atmospheres may exist. RUSHBROOK has provided assessment services in this field since the regulations were first introduced in 2003.

Process Equipment Fire Safety

RUSHBROOK have an international reputation in the field of process equipment fire risk asssessment, having pioneered the assessment of 300mm semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment to SEMI S14.

Expert Witness

RUSHBROOK are frequently called on to apply their experience and expertise through our Expert Witness services, which have been recognised by inclusion in the Law Society of Scotland Register of Expert Witnesses.

Gas Leak Detection Design

Leveraging over 25 years risk engineering project experience in the semiconductor industry, RUSHBROOK provide consulting and designs services for gas leak detection systems, as well as design and consulting for, ventilated enclosures and process exhaust ductwork systems.

Process Gas System Design

RUSHBROOK have been involved with risk engineering of silane and bulk silane systems for 20 years. Advising on safe design and risk mitigation. Working in partnership with process gas design engineers at GTP, we can provide a full package of consulting for process gas installations.

Sprinkler System Design

RUSHBROOK regularly apply our expertise in design and design review of automatic sprinkler systems to British, European and NFPA standards. Working closely with Sprinkler Designer Peter Todd, of Strathfire Designs, we can provide a full service from specification through to design verification of the completed installation.

Property Risk Engineering Services

RUSHBROOK have over 30 years of property risk engineering and risk survey experience to draw on. A recognised expertise in the semiconductor industry and cleanroom loss prevention along with protection of data centres and IT equipment.

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Fire risk engineering consulting capabilities extend to a wide range of industries and hazards, including specification of fire protection systems for high hazards, including flammable liquids storage, rack storage, pul and paper, rubber processing and grain mills.

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In addition to our HPR property risk survey experience RUSHBROOK can provide design and plan review verification of contractor's working drawings against insurers recommendations or corporate risk management policies.

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RUSHBROOK have partnered with Riskonet, a specialist risk engineering consultancy based in the Netherlands. Riskonet have formed specialized and independent consulting partnership powered by dedicated people, well known in the risk engineering and consultancy world.

RISKONET have a focus on providing integrated risk control risk management and risk engineering services for companies and organizations operating locally as well as internationally and for insurer and insurance

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RUSHBROOK have a long established partnership with California based TRC Services, dating back to 2000. Founded in 1997, TRC Services offers practical and innovative risk control solutions for a broad range of high technology and general industries.

TRC works closely with clients to develop enterprise-wide risk control objectives and offers consulting services for business continuity planning, including project management, business impact analysis, crisis management and recovery planning strategies.

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RUSHBROOK has partnered with RADD Consulting, a risk analysis and due diligence consultancy based in Asia. Incorporated in Hong Kong RADD provide industrial and commercial property risk analysis, due diligence and compliance services in the Asian market .

RADD's key competencies include risk analyis of commercial and industrial properties, while understanding that risk takes many forms such as financial or environmental, cooperating with a client’s current service providers to provide an holistic view of a client’s exposure.

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Fire Safety Engineering Consulting

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