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Equality Policy Statement

Equality Policy Statement

Equality Policy Statement

RUSHBROOK recognises the importance of equal opportunities and diversity. We are an equal opportunities employer, and through this policy we aim to ensure that everyone should have the same opportunities for employment and promotion based on their ability, qualifications and suitability for the work.

Our policy is to develop and maintain positive measures so we recruit, develop and retain those with disabilities.
We have designed this policy to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment because of their race, sex, religion/belief, disability, marital or civil partnership status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or caring responsibilities, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.
We seek to continually improve our environmental performance and, in particular:

•   We will comply with, and go beyond, legislation and encourage the adoption of best practice

•  We recognise that equal opportunities and diversity cover all aspects of working life and that the understanding and views of people on related issues are shown through their behavior

•  We encourage all members of RUSHBROOK to advise management and co-workers about any disability they may have and about their ethnic background

•   We will not discriminate against any person or group in any activity including; recruitment, training, promotion or remuneration

•  We recognise that harassment is also a form of discrimination, and will treat it as such under the terms of this policy. We will not tolerate any type of harassment or bullying, including offensive remarks, at work

•  We will take positive measures, where permitted by legislation, to enable recruitment and employment of under-represented minority group

•  We will comply with Disability Discrimination legislation, making reasonable adjustments for those with disabilities to enable them to work with Rushbrook. If anyone becomes disabled while working for us, we will do everything within our power to enable the individual to continue with us.

All members of Rushbrook, Directors, Managers, Staff, Employees and Sub-consultants must comply with our Equality Policy. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

The effectiveness of this policy will be measured and audited as part of Rushbrook quality management system and we will review our equality policy annually, considering the need for any amendments in the light of changing circumstances.

In striving for continuous improvement in equality performance the Board of Directors will monitor the Company's performance in relation to this policy and where necessary changes will be made.

This policy statement will be made available to our stakeholders and other interested parties through our website, and is available at each of our company offices.

  • The Director responsible for our Equality Policy is Al Brown.

  • Signed

  • Al Brown
    Managing Director

  • Issued: 16th December 2016

  • Review Date 28th November 2017