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Environment Policy Statement

Environment Policy Statement

Environment Policy Statement

RUSHBROOK recognises the importance of managing the earth's resources responsibly for the benefit of present and future generations. We will operate in an environmentally sustainable and considerate manner using sustainable materials and methods where possible and practicable.

We seek to continually improve our environmental performance and, in particular:

•  We will comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations

•  We will operate in a manner that optimises our use of water, energy, chemicals and materials and reduces our waste generation and emissions to the air, water and land

•  We will take account of environmental issues in the planning, design and implementation of projects in consultation with our clients

•  We will advise clients of the environmental issues associated with our commissions so that environmental issues can be given due weight with technical and financial considerations in the delivery of services to clients

•  We will make the environmental policy statement available to our stakeholders and the public through our website

All members of Rushbrook, Directors, Managers, Staff, Employees and Sub-consultants must comply with our Environment Policy. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

The effectiveness of this policy will be measured and audited as part of Rushbrook quality management system and we will review our Environment Policy annually, considering the need for any amendments in the light of changing circumstances.

In striving for continuous improvement in environment performance the Board of Directors will monitor the Company's performance in relation to this policy and where necessary changes will be made.

This policy statement will be made available to our stakeholders and other interested parties through our website, and is available at each of our company offices.

  • The Director responsible for our Environment Policy is Al Brown.

  • Signed

  • Al Brown
    Managing Director

  • Issued: 16th December 2016

  • Review Date 28th November 2017