RUSHBROOK - Only Company in Scotland to Hold SP205-1 Certification
for Fire Risk Assessment Service

Press Release - 15th November 2015

South Lanarkshire based fire safety consultancy RUSHBROOK has become the only company in Scotland to achieve certification under a national scheme designed to give assurance to those commissioning life safety Fire Risk Assessments required for most industrial and commercial premises throughout the UK.

The company, based in Strathaven, just outside East Kilbride, provides fire safety consultancy and design services to industry across the UK and Ireland, as well as servicing customers in Europe and Asia. Their diverse consulting experience covering pubs and cafes, offices, assembly and manufacturing facilities through to some of the largest semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms in the world.

The fire industry scheme by BAFE was launched in May 2012 and was developed for organisations who provide life safety fire risk assessment services for others, providing confidence in the quality and relevance of the services being provided. It involves regular independent assessment of the company, its procedures, training and the competence of its fire risk assessors. Fire risk assessments are required by law throughout the UK for most non-domestic premises, including factories, offices, and shops.

"Recognition by BAFE will give our clients confidence that our fire risk assessment expertise has been independently assessed." said Al Brown, Managing Director. "This was one of our goals for this year, along with achieving registration as designers under the BAFE SP203-1 Fire Detection and Alarm scheme. The combination of these two certifications makes us unique in Scotland and one of only nine companies across the UK to hold both and, if market conditions continue to improve, then recruitment of qualified engineers is likely in 2016."

"In addition, we are one of only two fire safety engineering consultancies in the UK to hold both SP203-1, SP205-1 and to be a Fire Industry Association ISO 9001 Fire Engineering Company member." Brown continued. "This class of membership of the FIA is open only to fire engineering companies that have at least one Chartered Fire Engineer and operate an ISO 9001 quality management system."

Recently in England a number of companies have been prosecuted for failing to complete "suitable and sufficient" fire risk assessments and for related breaches of fire regulations, resulting in fines in excess of £50,000.

A fire safety risk assessment is a practical exercise aimed at evaluating the risk from fire, identifying how fire can be prevented and how to ensure the safety of people in or around the premises in the event of fire. Undertaking a fire safety risk assessment is not a one-off exercise and is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The outcome of the assessment needs to be acted upon, mitigating risks in a practical way, ensuring that appropriate fire safety arrangements are in place.


RUSHBROOK are a fire safety consultancy, established in Glasgow in 1999, by professional fire safety engineers. Since then the company has developed a worldwide reputation for its fire risk assessment expertise in the semiconductor and electronics industry, with Managing Director Al Brown sitting as an expert on the NFPA technical committees for cleanrooms and for IT equipment since 2001. - See more at www.rushbrook.com/index-1.html.

The company carries out a wide range of fire safety consulting including: fire risk assessments for life safety and property protection; explosive atmospheres assessments; the design and verification of fire detection and alarm systems; fire safety design for new and existing buildings; specification, design and verification of fire protection systems.

RUSHBROOK takes its name from the Dr Frank Rushbrook, former firemaster of the Edinburgh’s South Eastern Brigade and an acknowledge expert in the problems of fire prevention and control in ships, port installations and offshore structures. Dr Rushbrook, who died in 2014 aged 99, was a keen advocate of developing the fire engineering profession and kindly gave permission to the company to use his name when it was set up in 1999.

About BAFE

BAFE are the independent third party certification registration body that develops quality and competency schemes for the fire protection industry. Fire protection companies are independently certificated against these schemes for their competency to provide fire protection services by UKAS accredited Certification Bodies.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) previously stated: “We support third party certification schemes as an effective means of assuring the quality, reliability and safety of products and services, and recognise the valuable role BAFE plays in bringing to the marketplace recognised registration schemes for these products and services".

Third Party Certification is the process by which an independent certification body (which is accredited by the government body UKAS) sends assessors trained in the specific skills required and working to appropriate standards, to inspect the company usually on an annual basis. They check and verify the required competencies and management systems to ensure that the provider can do what they say. - See more at www.bafe.org.uk

About the FIA

TheFIA are the largest fire protection trade association in the UK with over 650 members. They are a not-for-profit organisation and major provider of fire safety training, with the objective to promote, improve and perfect fire protection methods, devices, services and apparatus. The FIA achieve this through the representation of their members, providing technical support, guidance and opportunities for professional advancement through education and appropriate regulation. - See more at: www.fia.uk.com.


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